Document Archive Management System (DAMS)

Make your documents anytime available.

Archiving is a necessity within any successful organization, but lack of proper guidance and the domain knowledge it may lead to the improper methods of document storage. We realized that aggregating, structuring, and visualizing the documents/data was a poorly addressed problem in the organizational IT landscape. Integrated ICT Pvt. Ltd. is continuously working on reforming the platform which offers an intelligent capture solution that automates document management processes such as digital archiving and provides a powerful, multi-purpose interface, which can plug into any document storage system you currently have in place.

The document archive management project is the approach for creating digital surrogates of documents for facilitating aggregated storage, access and retrieval. The scanned image is passed through processing pipeline where series of operations are performed in the image for the efficient storage and retrieval. Image along with its Meta data and other field parameters are indexed which will eventually help in efficient and flexible searching and retrieval. Optical character recognition (OCR) is performed in the pipeline, which significantly reduces the annotation time for the document.

Document Archive Management System improves organizational effectiveness by providing companies with greater ability to manage their unstructured information. It also enhances an organization’s ability to leverage information stores by allowing enterprise wide access for multiple users. Provides security, ensuring that only people authorized to review or edit a document have access to it.


Make your any documents available forever and instantly accessible

Web Based System

Web based system accessible to any type of devices or OS platform

Document Annotation/Tagging

Add comments, explanations, or other types of external remarks that can be attached to a document

Hierarchial Document Access

Organiational hierarchy based document access privillage


Various level of securities implemented


Extraction of text from image document which helps in searching the document

Document/ Image Viewer

Open/View documents without downloading

Tree Structure

Access documents in web as they can be seen in directory structure

Intelligent Searching

Language Analyzer based searching system works perfectly to find the documents

Automatic Work Flow

Customizable work flow integrated

Digital Signature

System embedded Digital Signature to sign the documents