Font Unification System (Nepali)

Convert any TTF fonts to unicode and vice-versa

Online Media Monitoring system captures all the news published in online by registered media in near real time. It manages the news sources, news content along with their original footprint and it has been embedded with flexible news searching system, which searches the news content by performing the morphological analysis of words.

For the organizations that needs the customizable solution can get the implementation on their own server. For the individual users who wish to search and generate the news clips


We provide a custom service to integrate our font unification system in any of your application

Any TTf fonts or Unicode

Conversion among majority of Nepalese TTF Font's and Unicode

Web service API

Embed our font conversion service to any of your applications

Stand alone product

Need Complete system? We have stand alone product as well.

Any platform

Web based system that runs in any devices and OS.