Automatic spelling checking and suggestion system in Nepali.

Spell Checking and suggestion system checks the cognitive and typographic error that may occur while writing. It flags the incorrect spelling and may suggest the closely matched correct word list.

NepSpell uses the state-of-art technology to check the spelling error and to look up for the suggestion, which gives the incomparable performance. It utilizes the standard developed by Nepal Academy for the word morphology and grammar rules.


Leverage the power of Technology in writing correctly.

Any TTF Fonts or Unicode

Write in any TTF fonts or Unicode to check spelling

Utility service

Hire the service whenever required. Pay according to your usage.

Web editor

Any platform, No installation. Instantally use the service when ever it is required.

Instant Flagging

Flagging of possibly wrong word with red underline mark

Fast and Accurate

Very fact and accurate spelling checking and suggestions.

Automatic Suggestions

Suggestions are appeared on right clicking of word. Works perfectly for any Nepali TTF fonts or Unicode.

Suggestion Ranking

Words ordering in suggestion are ranked

National Language Standard

Word grammar rules are based on the standard of Nepal Academy